If you have a gadget claim

You can make a claim online 24/7 via our online claims portal. You will need your policy number to log a claim. Please ensure you have followed our procedures for blacklisting and reporting a lost or stolen device before making your claim. Details of these can be found in your Policy T&Cs.

Gadget claims are handled by Taurus Insurance Services Limited on behalf of the underwriters and Taurus Gadget Insurance.

If you have a Key Cover claim

Key Cover theft, loss, locksmith and onward travel claims must be submitted by calling our dedicated claims helpline on 0330 880 1766 (local rate call). Lines are open Monday to Friday 09:00am to 17:30pm.

Please ensure you have followed our procedures for reporting a lost or stolen keys before making your claim. Details of these can be found in your Policy T&Cs.

Key claims are handled by KeyCare Limited on behalf of the underwriters and Taurus Gadget Insurance.

Why Get Gadget Insurance?

No matter how careful you are... protecting your gadgets with Taurus Gadget Insurance is a great idea!

  • Phones Are Easy To Break

    Research shows that 1 in 3 smartphones get damaged or breakdown. In the UK alone a phone breaks every 5 seconds.

  • They're Expensive To Replace

    A new smartphone might cost only £99 when signing up for a new contract, but replacing it will likely cost you upwards of £599.

  • Cases Aren't Enough

    No case can give you 100% protection from accidental damage and even "waterproof" cases can't protect against malfunctions.

For Theft, Loss and Malicious Damage Claims

Please follow these steps:

  • 1 You must notify the appropriate local Police authority within 24 hours of discovering the incident.

  • 2 Obtain a Crime Reference / Lost Property number and a copy of the Police Crime Report.

  • 3 Contact your Network Provider within 24 hours of the incident to place a call bar on the handset.

For all Gadget Claims (including Theft, Loss and Malicious Damage):

You must notify us of your claim either via our online claims portal or by contacting our Claims helpline on 0330 880 1743 as soon as reasonably possible from discovery of the incident (or in the event of an incident occurring outside of the United Kingdom, as soon as reasonably possible on returning to the United Kingdom). Our call centre is open from 09:00am to 17:30pm, Monday to Friday.

You will be required to complete a claim form online which you must complete in full and submit to the claims Administrator in accordance with their instructions, and in any event within 30 days of notifying the claim together with any requested supporting documentation including:

  • Police Crime Reference / Lost Property Number (where applicable)

  • Proof of Violent and Forcible Entry (where applicable)

  • Proof of Purchase (we need this for crime prevention and fraud purposes)

  • Any other requested documentation

Subject to receipt of a fully completed claim form, all required supporting information and the damaged item (where appropriate) the administrator will authorise the repair or replacement of the Gadget as appropriate in most instances within two working days.

Please see your Gadget Policy Terms and Conditions for full details.

You must have this information

When contacting the claims handler please ensure that you have the following information available to you as they will require it to process your claim.

  • Your Policy Number

  • Full circumstances of your claim

Stop Fraud Initiative

As part of an extensive fraud initiative we share information with the Police, mobile phone networks, phone recyclers, electronics retailers and other insurance companies. We also employ a dedicated team of fraud specialists to validate the particulars of a claim and technicians to inspect devices and validate the dates, times and causes of damage to a device are accurate.

If you make a fraudulent claim it is a criminal offence. We will inform the Police and may pass your information to the National Insurance Fraud Bureau which may affect your ability to get other types of insurance in the future.

We are committed to combatting fraud and keeping premiums low for our customers.

Get protection for your gadgets today from as little as £2 per month*

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Unlimited number of claims

The number of claims you can make is unlimited, there are no limits on the number of accidental damage OR theft OR loss claims in any one year unlike many of our competitors who hide this in the small print.

93% of all claims approved

Our policies provide true peace of mind should something unfortunate happen and you need to claim. To back this up, unlike many of our competitors we publish our claim percentages online and last year we approved over 93% of all claims that were fully completed and assessed.

Highly skilled engineers

Our expert engineers are continuously trained on repairing all the latest technology to ensure that your gadgets are returned to you looking and functioning as you would expect. We also only use high quality carefully sourced replacement parts.

12 month warranty on replacements

As such all our replacements are backed by a 12 month warranty and if you are not happy with the quality of any repair or replacement phone we will swap it for another free of charge.

Free collect and return on laptops

We do not charge for UK return postage costs on any device (although you will need to pay the cost of sending the device to us). On laptops and MacBooks we offer a FREE collect and return to your door step via our specialised courier service to ensure your laptop is safe and secure.

Repairs at Apple Genius Bars

Provided you have got your claim authorised by us first, then if more convenient you can choose to get your device repaired at an Apple Genius bar and we will then reimburse you the cost.

Keeping You Protected

Remember, all of our policies keep you protected with:

  • 24Hr Replacements (subject to stock)

  • Unlimited Repairs or Replacements

Go Direct

Don't get ripped off by mobile phone networks and phone retailers, come direct to us the mobile insurance specialists and you could save over 50% of the cost for equivalent or better cover. Cover your phone and gadgets for mechanical breakdown, water damage, accidental damage, theft and loss (including when you are overseas).

What’s more, if you insure more than one gadget with us, we will offer you a discount saving you even more money! You can get a quote, select your cover and buy online in just a few minutes.

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